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    FAQs Scrap Motorbikes

    Here are some of the main questions we are regularly asked at Scrap My Motorbike.

    Is there a collection charge?

    We collect all bikes for free - between Bournemouth and Brighton. Anything outside that area there will be a small agreed charge before collection.

    Do I need a logbook (V5) to dispose of my bike?

    You do not need a logbook; however, it is your responsibility to notify DVLA that you are no longer the owner. Bikes with logbooks are more desirable and will be worth more. Please note that we always conduct a vehicle check against each bike to make sure that it hasn't been stolen.

    What are the normal collection times?

    We aim to collect your bike as quickly and efficiently as possible. Depending on your location we are confident that we will collect your bike between 3-5 days.

    How do you pay for my bike?

    We pay by cash, BACS or cheque on collection of your bike.

    Will I receive a certificate of destruction (COD)?

    Depending on the nature and condition of your bike we may try to repair it and sell it on, break it down for spare parts - or scrap it. We are not a registered ATF but once the relevant parts are off within 2-3 weeks you should receive the COD in the post from DVLA.

    What To Do

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      Fill out our online form

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      We'll give you a quote

    • Step 3:

      We'll collect your bike and pay you

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    Scrap Motorbikes

    Scrap motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, quad bikes - we'll collect from you and dispose of your unwanted bike.

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    Cash For Top Makes

    If you're disposing of a more expensive motorcycle we will pay for your bike. Call us for more information.

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    Our Collection Area

    From Bournemouth to Brighton and South of London - we can collect from you. We're based in Fareham, Hampshire.

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